Summer School of Slavic Paleography

08. Aug 2022.

Milena Davidović, research assistant at the Institute for Balkan Studies SASA, participated in the organization and realization of the summer school of Slavic paleography, which was organized in Sofia on 25-30 July 2022. The School of Slavic Paleography was one of the activities of the international project “Fourteenth Century South Slavonic scribes and scriptoria (palaeographical attribution and online repertorium), Research Project No. KP-06-N50/4 30.11.2020 funded by the National Science Fund of Bulgaria”, of which Milena Davidović is a member. Lectures and workshops were held in several institutions: Cyrillo-Methodian Research Center BAN, Centre for Slavo-Byzantine Studies “Prof. Ivan Dujčev”, SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library and Institute of Mathematics and Informatics BAN. The six-day school was attended by 21 students from Serbia, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, Belgium and Taiwan.