Mission and vision


  • as a unique research institution in Serbia in terms of the subject of research, Institute for Balkan Studies SASA engages in the study of processes of longue durée observable in the Balkans from prehistory to modern times. The Balkan Peninsula as a crossroads of civilizations (Vinca, Rome), a birthplace of cultures (Greece, Hellenism, Byzantium), a space where three monotheistic religions meet and influences of great powers were reflected (Ottoman Empire, Russia, Austria) and an authentic process of nation state building developed in the 19th and 20th centuries, where social, cultural and linguistic factors have intertwined and transformed in the contemporary period, is the subject of study through a multidisciplinary approach based on combined insights of history, art history, archaeology, ethnology, anthropology, literary history and linguistics.
  • develops, improves and encourages multidisciplinary humanities research on: 
    • the common heritage in the Balkans; 
    • relations between Balkan nations; 
    • European influences on the development of Balkan societies
  • defines directions for multidisciplinary research on the Balkans in the Republic of Serbia, builds a cadre of scholars in the field and provides opportunities for their further specialization
  • through its publications (monographs, edited volumes) and organization of international scholarly conferences and lectures contributes to Serbia’s cultural and social development by conducting research on relevant topics in humanities in the Balkans.
  • initiates and actively participates in establishing regional networks of scholarly institutions concerned with Balkan studies through collaborative initiatives, programs and projects, information and publication exchange.

Primary research areas: history, art history, literary history, archaeology, anthropology, ethnology, and linguistics.


Institute for Balkan Studies SASA as a leading scholarly institution in Serbia and the region for the multidisciplinary humanities study of the Balkans and a host institution of European and international research projects. Institute for Balkan Studies SASA as a central institution in the future regional network of institutes engaged in multidisciplinary research on their common heritage and promotion of inherent values of the Balkans as a European region.