European Society for the Study of Religion – International Conference at the University College Cork (Ireland)

07. Jul 2022.

Aleksandra Djurić Milovanović, PhD, Senior Research Associate of the Institute for Balkan Studies SASA, participated in the international conference Religion and the States of Freedom at 2022 European Society for the Study of Religion, organised by the University College Cork (Ireland) from 27th of June to 1st of July 2022.  Dr Djuric Milovanovic presented a paper entitled Atheist Borders, Religious Borderlands: Transgressing hard borders between Yugoslavia and Romania, within the panel: Religious Policies and Freedom of Conscience in Pre- and Postwar Yugoslavia: The Contexts of Change. Dr Djuric Milovanovic participated also in the book launch of the recently published edited volume ‘The Secret Police and the Religious Underground in Communist and Post-communist Eastern Europe’ (ed. James Kapalo, Kinga Povedak, Routledge, 2021), where she presented her chapter The Possibility of Research of Religious Minorities in the Secret Police Archives in the Former Yugoslavia. The conference gathered a number of scholars working in the field of religious studies.