Lecture by Dr. Miroslav Marić at the 5th Shanghai Archaeological Forum (SAF 2023)

21. Dec 2023.

Senior research fellow dr. Miroslav Marić participated on December 17th 2023 at the 5th Shanghai archaeological forum (SAF 2023) with a lecture titled "There and back again. What we can learn from the end of the Neolithic in the Carpathian Basin?" at the largest International archaeological conference.

This per invitation biannual international scientific conference is organised by the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the University of Shanghai at the University of Shanghai.

Miroslav Marić presented the current state of knowledge on the climatic conditions at the end of the Neolithic in liminal areas of the Balkans as potential transformative factors that could have influenced the conversion of Neolithic communities into the communities of the Early Copper Age.