The Danube and the Balkans: Historical and Cultural Heritage

Project Director

Djordje S. Kostić, PhD

Project Team

Liljana Stošić, PhD
Ljubodrag P. Ristić, PhD
Sanja Lazarević Radak , PhD
Aleksandra Đurić Milovanović, PhD
Vladimir Mihajlović, PhD
Jovana Kolundzija, MA

Dunja Radojević, PhD
Jelena Todorović, PhD
Tatjana Cvjetićanin, PhD
Verka Jovanović, PhD

Focused on research into interactions between the cultures developing on the banks of the Danube, the project is aimed at studying the historical and cultural heritage, the role the river has played as a link between the European southeast and the rest of the continent, reconstructing the growth of urban communities. Its imagological aspect makes use of the accounts of foreign travellers as a source for analyzing the image of the Danube area and the Balkans shaped among foreign readerships.
The project covers several interrelated topics, such as: journeys along the Danube in the accounts of German, British, French, Italian, Hungarian and other European travellers; 19th- and 20th-century traveller guides for the Danube area in the Serbian and other languages; the industrial heritage in the Danube area; mapping of the Danube area; drowned and surviving archaeological sites; the Danube as reflected in music, literature and the visual arts.